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Press Releases:
01.15.2015 | Bi-partisan Groups Challenge Brownback To Keep Promises, Find Long-term Solution To His Budget Crisis
06.27.2014 | Rochelle Chronister's Statement On Brownback
06.28.2013 | Former Legislators Demand Transparency In Judicial Nominating Process, Ask Brownback To Release Names And Come Clean
05.23.2013 | OP-ED - Governor Reaping What He Sowed On Tax Plan
03.12.2013 | OP-ED - Brownback's New Jersey Court Plan: Forget About It!
02.28.2013 | Former Legislators Respond To Governor Brownback's Effort To Control Kansas Courts
10.18.2012 | Former Legislators Applaud Leaders For Common Sense Values
08.03.2012 | Finance Report Indicate Four Donors Tied To Bulk of Negative Campaign Attacks
07.12.2012 | Former Legislators Respond To Governor Brownback's Endorsement In Primary Campaigns
06.19.2012 | Former Legislators Call on Brownback To Explain 'Real Live Experiment' Comments on MSNBC
05.22.2012 | Former Legislators Respond To Brownback's Tax Bill Passage
05.18.2012 | Former Legislators Call On Brownback To Veto Tax Bill
05.09.2012 | Former Legislators Denounce Irresponsible, Reckless Action By Speaker, Radical Republicans In The House
04.25.2012 | Former Legislators Tell Governor, Legislature “Enough Is Enough

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In The News:
09.29.2013 | What I Want For America
09.21.2013 | Former Legislator On Quest For Common Sense
09.20.2013 | Kansas Moderate Republicans Try To Fight Back With New Group
09.20.2013 | Kansas Views On GOP Moderates
09.19.2013 | Common Cause Support A Key In Davis' Effort
09.17.2013 | Groups Main Aim: Shifting GOP-led Trends In Topeka