Bi-partisan groups challenge Brownback to keep promises, find long-term solution to his budget crisis

Republicans for Kansas Values (RKV), Traditional Republicans for Common Sense (TRCS) and Women for Kansas challenge Gov. Sam Brownback to keep his promises of balancing the budget while maintaining important investments in Kansas schools and creating jobs.

RKV is a group of 500 moderate Republicans from across Kansas and TRCS is an organization of 74 members who are former Kansas Republican legislators or Republican state party leaders. They disagree with the current governor’s economic experiment and the impact it has had on the state’s future, especially public schools, credit rating and job growth. Women for Kansas is a group of moderate, non-partisan Kansans with about 2000 followers, 500 of whom attended its convention in Wichita last summer.

“During the past year, Governor Brownback repeatedly told Kansans that everything was fine, 'the sun is shining in Kansas', and he would fund schools and roads while balancing the budget,” said Wint Winter, Jr., RKV and TRCS member and spokesperson for RKV and TRCS. “Kansans continue to hear nothing but bad news about our state. We know the Governor’s candor, competence and integrity are at issue since the sun is hidden behind growing financial storm clouds. It is time for the governor to face reality, admit his mistakes and find a long-term solution to the crisis he and his allies created.”